Business Watch UK

I have launched this Business Safety Partnership its new Text Alert Scheme – the SMS-based Safety Information Service that will go towards helping to keep you and your business interests safe.

The concept I am bringing is built off the back of my involvement not only in our family businesses, but my roles within the Police. Text Alert gives us the opportunity to share information quickly with a specific audience. I would really encourage you as business owner to sign up – it’s a very small annual fee of £24 per year and the information we send could help prevent you from becoming the victim of a business related crime.

It is a simple but very effective way of sharing information. To join the Text Alert Scheme, simply visit where you can complete an online registration form. All information held is on a secure server and is fully GDPR 2018 compliant. Our initiative is a receive-only information service. For £2.00 a month you can be kept informed. This is a non- profit making venture in an attempt to stem the constant fraud and deception all business owners face on a daily basis. Please join us thank you for your time.

Business Watch UK aims to help businesses, to improve security and prevent crime, by working with them to identify the problems and provide solutions. Beginning many years ago the concept has helped to improve security for over 50,000 companies, by preventing business crime and reducing the ongoing cost of improved security.

One of the most effective ways of fighting crime and ultimately reducing the financial impact is by working together in your local area. Business watch UK offers the opportunity to participate, to share information, and increase awareness of the issues and a way to keep everyone up to date with what is happening. It provides an easy route by which to report suspicious activity observed by vigilant staff and the potential to provide cost effective solutions on a shared basis. All aspects of business crime are covered.

Investing in new security measures can be expensive, but by working together we have a better opportunity to share resources, find cost-effective solutions and to secure financial assistance, when available in order to provide a secure environment at a reasonable cost. Business watch UK membership provides an opportunity to benefit from the reduced crime minimising risk, whilst helping sustain others in your area.