Services Provided by Business Watch UK:

  • Group support
  • Specific security measures
  • CCTV systems
  • Local Police intervention
  • Crime reduction surveys and risk assessment

Our Mission

  • To encourage mutual assistance between members
  • To maximise crime prevention awareness
  • To bring constant exchange of information between members, the local councils representatives, the Police, the local community and other agencies participating in the scheme
  • To maximise crime prevention to advise on increased standards of security
  • To make business locations a hostile environment to criminals
  • To share advice and incidents
  • To set up closer communications between businesses and local Police teams
  • To quantify the benefit of investment in proper security for your business

How Does Business Watch UK Work?

Following the receipt of your enquiry, a member of the Business Watch UK team will contact you and discuss your requirements have joined Business Watch UK we are able to establish the group email communication system, and develop and implement any action plans and deal with any concerns.

Where individual companies require additional support or crime prevention surveys or risk assessments these can be organised as required.

What Can I Do As a Business Watch Member?

  • Regularly review procedures to ensure that your property protected, train your staff
  • Ensure visitors are properly managed and that employees challenge strangers on your premises
  • Be on the lookout for unusual or suspicious activity, report it to the police or your local Business Watch UK contact
  • Encourage your local Police beat officer to visit your premises regularly a chat and a coffee goes a long way
  • Encourage regular contact with your neighbour business operators
  • Encourage staff to be vigilant and to report the unusual simple “ See it report it”
  • Report damage to streetlights, anything that is deemed a threat

How Do I Benefit?

Investing in new security measures can be expensive, but by working together we have a better opportunity to share resources, find cost-effective solutions and to secure financial assistance.

Other Business Watch benefits include:

  • Registration of security data and contact telephone numbers
  • E-mail sharing of local intelligence ( GDPR compliant system)
  • Single point of contact for all security issues
  • Incident response service in Business Watch UK
  • Access to low cost security products, cctv,locks,lights,security devices
  • Bi-monthly emails re security issues in your area